Mastergate Music Services Profile:

Mastergate Music Services is a limited liability company which was founded in Beirut, Lebanon in 2010 and is specialized in providing general music consultancy services offering a wide variety of vital elements that contributes to the success of the artists and their albums.
Master Gate was founded with the intent of providing professional services focusing on but not limited to the below key areas in the music industry:
–  Production Consultation (Audio, Video & TV Programs)

– Launching and Re-Launching Contents & Music Albums locally, regionally and Internationally

– Album distribution in all formats (physical and digital etc … )

– Album Marketing and Advertising (Consultation bases or/and implementation bases)

– Organizing Press conferences and Press Releases for new album launches in the Pan Arab Region

– Customized Image consultation and Image building activities for each individual artist (Give each artist a unique identity, positioning, direction, look, etc….)

– Act as a matchmaker for big brands by recommending and head hunting for artists that could be an excellent match for promoting their brands by acting as their brand ambassador (include the artist in a TVC for the brand) or by sponsoring the artist’s work (product placement in a video clip is an example)

– Recommending and providing artists for various musical events, weddings, TV shows & interviews, etc…

– Spreading video clips on all TV Channels regionally

– Exclusive agent for Al Jadeed Group, hawacom, Arabica, etc…

– Marketing strategy (above the line and below the line)

– Consultation (musical and image)

– Social Network page creators and following (YouTube, facebook, twitter,etc..)

In brief, if you are an artist who needs to enhance his/her image or if you have a new single or an album or video clip you need to distribute and make a buzz or your even a company that is in the look for a talented artist that could be a match for your product values and brand identity….Mastergate would be your best start